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Shef - Culinary Talents Turned into a Side Hustle

Jun 18

For those who are passionate about cooking and wish to share their culinary expertise with others, Shef offers an excellent platform to do so while earning an income.

What is Shef?

Shef is an online platform that allows local chefs to sell their home-cooked meals to people in their community. It's an innovative blend of the sharing economy and food service industry.

Why Choose Shef as a Side Hustle?

Turning your cooking skills into a side hustle through Shef has multiple benefits. Not only can you generate income, but it also gives you a platform to showcase your culinary skills and share your cultural heritage or unique recipes. It’s a meaningful way to connect with your community while making money from your kitchen.

How to Start?

To start with Shef, you need to apply as a Shef on their website. Once accepted, you can create a profile, list your dishes, set your prices, and choose when you want to cook. The platform will connect you with customers in your local area who can order your meals for pickup or delivery.

Shef is a perfect side hustle for culinary enthusiasts to turn their passion into profit, while contributing to a diverse local food scene.